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Smithtown nurses charged with endangering kids after walk-out Ten nurses who abruptly resigned from their jobs last year at a Smithtown nursing center were charged Thursday -- along with an... Read More

  1. by   dudenurse1962
    If the company was non-union, they were non-contract. It is the responsibility of owners/management to find the staff from a nursing pool. A union with a contract would set a date and try to negotiate so they don't have to strike. If you are angry at the nurses who finished their shift then it's missplaced. What do you want from them? The company is trying to get by for cheap. They have a strattegy for keeping unions out and it includes lawyers and media relations staff.
  2. by   Sheri257
    Quote from mo-mo
    Worst case scenario: Call 911 and tell them the kids aren't safe ...
    I'm sorry but ... it's ok for bunch of the nurses to walk out because the manager can call 911?

    That's absurd.

    Quote from dudenurse1962
    If you are angry at the nurses who finished their shift then it's missplaced.
    Only two of the ten nurses finished their shift. Most of them walked out BEFORE they were scheduled to start their shift.

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  3. by   pinoy_guy

    philippine news: sentosa-hired nurses decry abuses

    de la cruz was brought to three-room staff house with 11 other nurses that he got to sleep on the floor on cold winter, with no proper heating.

    he and other nurses would use corrugated boxes to cover the broken walls and the windows and shield them from the cold.

    de la cruz was assigned to take care of 100 dementia patients on a floor on an eight-hour shift in a health facility for sick seniors. their pay of $24 per hour was lower than the $35 per hour being paid to nurses directly hired by the health facility.

    de la cruz, and 26 nurses resigned en masse from sentosa care group after few months in the job.

    vinluan said the nurses had filed a discrimination complaint at the department of justice in washington, dc and would claim multi-million damages.

    the case was lodged against sentosa care group owner bent philipson, and the filipino recruitment agency headed by francis luyun.

    "but sentosa has political connection. if you have somebody in power, you can get away with anything," said vinluan.

    "this is a case that not only touches on massive labor law violations, but anti-trafficking and involuntary servitude as well, " said rico foz, vice president of the national alliance for filipino concerns.

    harriet avila, a former nurse at sentosa-avalon said the management had forced her to wear a nurse's supervisor id so she would not be able to join the union and get benefits.

    "we do not seek to shatter the hopes and dreams of the thousands of nurses who seek to work abroad. we understand the conditions of poverty and joblessness in the philippines leave us with no choice. we simply want to expose the truth and the deceit sentosa is using to lure more of our compatriots into. we do not want others to have to suffer under these conditions," said buagas.
  4. by   starthrower
    I support the walkout because I have seen the abuses these companies that recruit overseas heap upon their indentured servants. It is criminal and the corporation and it's executives are the real abandoners. They should be the ones facing the criminal justice system.
  5. by   mo-mo
    "I'm sorry but ... it's ok for bunch of the nurses to walk out because the manager can call 911?

    That's absurd." (quote by Sheri 257)

    Sheri, I NEVER said it was "ok". Actually I said I thought it was unethical, unprofessional, and WRONG. But I stand by my conviction that THEY DID NOT ENDANGER OR ""ABANDON" THOSE KIDS!!! If the kids lives were at risk, some one was around to do the right thing...whatever that be, to ensure the wellbeing of those patients.


    BTW, lots of things are 'absurd' in our profession, IMO.
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  6. by   pinoy_guy
    ruling settles case filed by rp nurses

    the united states department of justice has dismissed the case filed by 26 filipino health professionals against sentosa care llc of new york and ben philipson.

    in a letter dated aug. 31, 2007, katherine baldwin, special deputy counsel of the us doj civil rights division, informed elizabeth hack, legal counsel of of sentosa care llc, that the discrimination charges filed against philipson, et al., alleging unfair immigration-related employment practices were investigated by the office of special counsel and the office determined that there was insufficient evidence of reasonable cause to believe the injured parties were discriminated against.
  7. by   justmanda
    The others, according to prosecutors, never came in for the night shift. They reportedly were all under the guidance of an attorney, who was also arrested.

    "They essentially all walked in and said, 'We quit, right now' on a Friday night," Lato said. "Even if they had quit on Friday morning, at least it would've given the nursing home some time to find replacements."


    Don't we as Americans have the free will NOT to show up for work? I understand it is unprofessional to do this, but is it a criminal matter? THese nurses were not indentured servants. I am admitting to being uneducated in the area of organized walk-outs...perhaps they are illegal. Is that why the attorney was arrested too?
  8. by   ruth26
    Just wondering howcome the other nurses who resigned in other institutions owned by Sentosa Care where not charged and these foreign nurses where charged?

    And how do you call it abandoning if it was at the end of their shifts?

    Employers should take care of their staffs so they will be inspired to work and deliver the safe and quality care. As long as a staff is treated accordingly, no matter how challenging the job is, I think less people will resign...
  9. by   leslymill
    No available replacement?????

    Ever heard of a telephone.

    Ever heard of 911?

    Ever heard the word....

    I have been in a hurricaine and a nurse for 22 years.
    This is a money-labor issue and this health care provider abused foreign visitors and is trying to punish them with American Nursing Board Regulations Because the HCP got punched in the groin for lying to them and entrappping them. This is not the first case of foreign laborors feeling trapped and scammed.
    These regulations in New York are probably concidered law if they follow the ANA Code of Ethics like most do.
    Sounds to me like this case may go all the way to the Supreme Court because all the nurses where denied constitutional rights under the provisions of the nurse practice act. This HCP is running a sweat shop to line his own pockets and turns and accuses the nurses of a conspiracy walk out????
    It is a shame they will probably be fined 25,000 each with no recourse.
    But that would have easily covered the EVACUATION COSTS...
    If they are given jail time. I will get sick and start singing and
    liberty and justice for NONE.
    I don't think I would want my loved in a facility that did that to their employees.
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  10. by   pinoy_guy
    poea clears sentosa of illegal recruitment raps

    the philippine overseas employment administration (poea) has "dismissed for utter lack of merit" charges of illegal recruitment, misrepresentation, and contract substitution filed against sentosa recruitment agency by 26 filipino health professionals.

    "in this instant case however no regulation on overseas employment was violated by the respondents in the recruitment and deployment of the complainants to its principal in the united states. wherefore, premises considered, these cases are hereby dismissed for utter lack of merit."
  11. by   teeituptom
    after facing their charges send them for deportation also
  12. by   pinoy_guy
    poea clears recruitment agency sued by nurses

    [color=#ff6600]by: mayen jaymalin, philippine star: 9/12/2007

    [poea chief rosalinda] baldoz said the complainants can still appeal the decision but sentosa said the ruling only proved that the filipina nurses were ill-advised and misled by some unscrupulous persons who took advantage of them with a promise that they can get out of their contracts and work with another company.
  13. by   NRSKarenRN