First Occupational Health Nursing Week Declared

  1. The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. announced it will celebrate its first-ever National Occupational Health Nursing Week, April 19-25. "Our goal in establishing an official week for occupational and environmental health nurses (OHNs) is to help employees, employers, and the general public understand the roles and responsibilities of OHNs in furthering the health and safety of the millions of people in our nation's workforce," AAOHN President Susan A. Randolph said.

    The dates commemorate the April 19, 1942, founding by 300 nurses from 16 states of the American Association of Industrial Nurses, which was AAOHN's predecessor. AAOHN ( is using an essay contest among its 10,000 members to highlight creative health and safety promotion strategies they use. "Although most of us understand the function of a nurse in a clinical setting, not everyone is aware that there are also nurses who work in business environments," Randolph said. "Through case management, counseling, health promotion and wellness activities, legal and regulatory compliance, and workplace hazard detection, OHNs improve the health of employees to contribute to a healthy bottom line for business."
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