Finley Nurses Strike Tomorrow

  1. tomorrow morning, union nurses at dubuque's finley hospital will be back out on the picket line. the nurses decided to strike for a second time this summer after they failed to reach a new contract with the hospital.
    the sticking points continue to be wages, benefits, and employee input towards discipline. this morning a handful of nurses were busy making strike signs at union headquarters directly across from the hospital.
    the nurses are scheduled to hit the picket line tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning. according to the union nurses, the hospital could have avoided this strike at the bargaining table.


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  3. by   tlcprn2u
    By their behavior at the bargaining table, Finley Hospital administrators are demonstrating (again) that patient care is not their foremost focus. Management's lack of willingness to discuss matters that are important to nurses and their inability to negotiate as professionals with professionals shows hospital administrators in an unflattering light. You would think they would notice that and act accordingly, even if it only meant to negotiate in good faith!!
    Go figure!!
  4. by   banditrn
    I worked for over 15 years at a union hospital. They had gone out on strike just before I started. And in my opinion, they should have gone out the last time the contract came up.

    While money is important, I never heard that as a complaint - it was the lack of adequate staffing, management not backing up the staff, cheaper and cheaper supplies. Yet in the last 5 years, this hospital spent MAJOR dollars on beautification, advertising, etc.

    They got involved in the 'Disneyland' model, and made a lot of claims to the public about the 'excellent' care available - but didn't give the staff the means to carry out all this 'wonderfulness'!

    They have two major lawsuits against them at this time - and I don't believe the lawsuits are frivolous.

    Good luck to the Finley nurses!!
  5. by   honeyz
    good luck to all the nurses . stand up for yourselves :yeahthat: