Finley Nurses Prepare To Strike

  1. for the second time in a little over a month, union nurses in dubuque will walk the picket line. finley's union nurses voted to strike again after they failed to reach a new contract agreement with the hospital. even though the nurses have already walked the picket line once, they say the second time around won't be any easier. "it was extremely hard walking out the first time, and to have to face it again after going through it the first time it is very difficult to do it again this time," says union nurse ann fessler.
    when the nurses hit the picket line on wednesday morning, it really won't be that different than the last time they went on strike. the nurses say that the hospital's wage and benefit proposal still isn't good enough for what they call "protecting patient care." one thing they do hope to do while they're out on the picket line, is to gather more support from the community. "support has been tremendous from the community already, but i think more than just vocally we need people to really get on the phone and do some calling and walking the picket line with us if they have time," says fessler.

    full story: finley nurses prepare to strike [kwwl,ia]

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