Filipina nurse, family face deportation - page 5

This community is rallying behind a nurse and her family who face deportation for overstaying their visas. NEW ROCKFORD, N.D. Marina Arroyo, who is from the Philippines, her husband and their... Read More

  1. by   Phil36RN
    I'm also a Filipino but I believe doing things the right way won't create any problem. I hope everything will get well for them.
  2. by   halvey
    "Can you imagine a newspaper article about "Community rallies around family caught knocking over convenience stores"??? :uhoh21: "

    The problem with this comparision is its wrong on several levels. She is guilty of not filling out some paperwork. The only people this negitively impacts is the patients in rual North Dakota who no longer are able to recieve her quality services. Lets face it, its not like there is a surplus of nurses in rual North Dakota. So, its unlikely she is driving down the cost of a "fair wage" for nurses in North Dakota. The community is rallying behind this nurse because she is an asset to thier community.

    The family that gets caught "knocking over convenience stores," is a harm to the community. It deprives the owners of the store of thier property, and drives the price of goods up for the community. That is why its hard to imagine a community supporting a robber, and not hard to imagine a community supporting a nurse that failed to fill out some paperwork.