Few problems occur mixing diet supplements and drugs, study finds

  1. The Victoria Advocate
    March 22, 2004

    While drug interactions with dietary supplements are a concern, a new survey suggests that in most cases, mixing doesn't produce serious side effects.

    Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System matched up a long list of herbal supplements and vitamins taken by veterans who also were using prescription drugs.

    They reported Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine that 94 percent of the interactions that resulted did not lead to serious complications.

    "This is encouraging news for the millions of patients currently taking prescription medications along with dietary supplements," said Lauren Trilli, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and a pharmacy specialist at the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System.

    "However, limited information on drug-dietary interactions exists, and health-care providers should continue to inquire about dietary supplements and consider the potential for interactions, regardless of their severity," she added.

    Dietary supplements, including herbs and vitamins, have been gaining popularity to deal with health conditions and physical complaints. But patients are typically reluctant to tell physicians that they are using them and interactions between supplements and prescription drugs are thought to be underreported...

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