Federal Government Hospital Payments Linked To Making Patients Happy

  1. ATLANTA--At Grady Memorial Hospital here, doctors are being taught to stop interrupting patients while they are speaking. Nurses recently got hand-held phones so patients can reach them instantly. New bedside comforts include cable sports channel ESPN and a menu featuring wild salmon.

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  3. by   Scarlette Wings
    It is hard to watch what is happening to healthcare now. The government and non-medical people drive medical care. Politicians are not medical professionals nor are the ones writing the new laws and regulations. I have seen so many changes and Core Measures and other needed programs really have little to do with individual care and focus more on mass benefits. It does remind me of Star Trek and the Borg I think it was, religiously they sacrifice the cost and care of the individual person for the greater good.

    It is frightening. At what point do they decide that yes, chemo or dialysis may help the person live longer, but overall the drain in cost to society will weaken the economy and waste dollars that could be spent better elsewhere. Very few people truly get to decide where they will get their care or their surgery. They have no choice except to go to the hospital or out patient clinic where their surgeon or doctor practices.

    I think that the changes in healthcare are more like a razor sharp double blade sword.
  4. by   Sun0408
    I can't really comment because the article does not open for me.. Guess you have to be a subscriber to read it.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from Sun0408
    I can't really comment because the article does not open for me.. Guess you have to be a subscriber to read it.
    Welcome to the world of "PayWall".

    Both the WSJ and NYT now only have content available for free via search engines for a limited time. Afterward they are behind the paywall and one must be a subscriber to access.

    This is one reason one has ceased posting nursing or health related news links. The window of time allotted for free viewing versus the lag between story being sent then approved by mods often means by the time the thing is up the link no longer works.