FDA reversal OKs morphine painkiller for dying

  1. Morphine is back, fueled by an outcry from those who represent Hospice patients.

    Storey called the FDA reversal "a really important step in the right direction," showing "an amazing level of responsiveness we're not used to seeing in our government officials."

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    NEW YORK - A liquid morphine painkiller given by family caregivers to dying patients can remain on the market, federal regulators have decided after hearing protests over their decision to remove it. The Food and Drug Administration had announced last week that it was ordering manufacturers to stop making 14 medications including the liquid morphine. All were developed so long ago they had never received FDA approval.

    But on Thursday, the FDA's Dr. Douglas Throckmorton told The Associated Press the morphine liquid will remain on the market until it's replaced by an approved version or some equivalent therapy.

    The reversal was welcomed by experts in hospice care and pain relief. One doctors group had told the FDA that last week's order would "cause extreme suffering for many patients who are nearing the end of life."
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    A form of liquid morphine used by terminally ill patients will remain on the market even though it is an "unapproved drug," according to a decision by the Food and Drug Administration.

    After talking with hospital and hospice organizations, which expressed concern that taking the product off the market would result in hardship for terminally ill patients and their caregivers, the agency decided to extend the usage of morphine sulfate oral solution 20 mg/ml
    I don't know if this has been posted yet...
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    Thank heaven! Kudos to the FDA for doing the right thing instead of merely sticking to the regulations.
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    Thank you Lord-we have been giving oxycodone to 3 hospice residents this week-it is not as effective IMHO....Omnicare has been un able to get mso4 for weeks ....
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    Thank heavens! I was wondering how we'd be able to keep our patients comfortable.....
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    If any of your patients are on Dilaudid tabs, get ready for supply problems with that. There are now only two manufacturers (Mallinkrodt and Abbott) who are authorized to make Dilaudid. FDA told all the others to shut production within 60 days. This is not good news for chronic pain patients, many of whom have had to turn to Dilaudid because of ongoing shortages in the oxycodone immediate release market. Sigh.

    http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/NEWS/2009/NEW01983.html (before they reversed course on the morphine sulfate, but it contains news about the other drugs that are now banned)