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"Government experts say prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet that combine a popular painkiller with stronger narcotics should be eliminated because of their role in deadly overdoses. A Food... Read More

  1. by   kanzi monkey
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    I'm listening to "Here and Now" on NPR right now talking about the proposed ban--just said 56,000 ED visits for tylenol OD/year. Outrageous.
    NOT per year! So sorry. This was over several years. Sorry sorry. That's what happens when I'm half listening to the radio....
  2. by   Plagueis
    I don't know if a public eduational campaign about the dangers of too acetaminophen will help all that much with this problem. After all, we have been bombarded with "awareness" campaigns against smoking, but millions of people still chose to smoke. The same with drunk driving and not eating a diet high in fat/cholesterol, for instance.

    There are still people out there who will chose to take too many pills that they shouldn't take, even if their doctor/pharmacist/drug label or ad campaign tells them not to.
  3. by   Batman24
    I don't think they will remove them. I think they will black box them.
  4. by   DolceVita
    I think I am getting more polarized against this.

    I am sure there are other causes that result in more deaths per year that could be addressed for the same money. On the other hand, people can always be instructed to take acetaminophen in conjunction with their narcotic.
  5. by   nolabarkeep
    I'm sure the added acetaminophen acts synergistically with hydro or oxycodone. However, I would have to guess that removing it from the mixture won't have any drastic action towards pain control. People need to be better educated when it comes to medicine, especially OTC.
  6. by   BigBee48
    I would just like to say, as a chronic pain sufferer, I'm not sure how people don't know about the added tyleonl, the pharmacists preach to me every month, and I've been on some type of med for approx 10yrs. I do think even the smaller added dose of acetaminophen boosts the oxycodone or hydrocodone. I think it would be a mistake to take it off the market all together, just better education for the public, and people need to take some
    responsibility for their own health, read labels.
  7. by   MRUGARNY
    Quote from Just_An_Illusion
    "Government experts say prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet that combine a popular painkiller with stronger narcotics should be eliminated because of their role in deadly overdoses.
    A Food and Drug Administration panel voted 20-17 that prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with other painkilling ingredients should be pulled off the market. Acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S., sending 56,000 people to the emergency room annually, according to the FDA."


    If you have a patient who is in chronic pain, or is on hospice, dening them the relief of pain is inhuman in my opinion. If any drug is used as it is priscribed then i see know reason why they should be discontinued. The purpose of those drugs is to help the patients, the patients are the priority in my opinion. To just let someone who is dying, or has a chronic issues, who needs the medication to help them have a more fullfilling life, it is worth it. I have experienced many patients who suffer if the do not have something to relieve there pain, it is heart breaking and to watch someone go through pain and not being able to do anything to help them because of the continious issues of against pain managment is horrible. I am all for using pain managment to keep my patients comfortable.
  8. by   RGN1
    That's what I was going to say - you can just give the Oxycodone seperately to the tylenol.
  9. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Why don't we just eliminate stupid people who don't heed the warnings on the bottles of OTCs and be done with it?
  10. by   hypocaffeinemia
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Why don't we just eliminate stupid people who don't heed the warnings on the bottles of OTCs and be done with it?
    That's what we're already doing to the tune of 56,000.
  11. by   L Matcuk
    As an Oncology nurse and the use of these painkillers by the patients makes me frantic. Most of the patients are elderly and don't realize how dangerous acetaminophen is. People think that Tylenol is a benign drug when in fact it is more dangerous than plain old aspirin, unless you are on blood thinners. I am happy to see that the FDA is starting to get their act otgether and eliminating some of these overused drugs. Iam all for eliminating Vicodin and Percocet.
  12. by   missyd1991
    I think this is going a bit overboard at this time, start by lowering recommended dosage and do more educating to the public. Maybe the docs could spend a little more time with patients and explain the risks, the docs run in and then right back out doing visits. It just seems like that would be a better palce to start.
  13. by   LadyTiger44
    As long as we could still manage pts pain with some form of these medicines with less Tylenol, then thats fine... But if they are proposing the solution to give stronger pain meds right after surgery like morphine, what would the patients go home on? I work on a cardio-surgical med surg floor and I would say that norco and percocet is one of our most dispensed med, right up there with insulin. When they crack your ribs and pull you all apart for open heart---umm I would say thats painful! As for the poster that said they put tylenol in percocet/vicodin/norco to prevent it from being snorted or shot up--I know people who that sure didn't discourage them! At my high school that was a very big unspoken problem-snorting pills. I think more education needs to be done to warn people that mixing pain killers and cough meds etc can cause harmful effects and possibly overdose. I always tell pts when I discharge them to be careful and stick to the 4 to 6 hours b/c the pain pills have tylenol in them, and if taken more frequent they could over dose. Light needs to be shed on the HUGE unspoken problem that we have in this country--ADDICTION. I am sure alot of those ER visits were due to people just being addicted to pain pills and taking too much---ANYONE looked into that??? And as long as rehab is too expensive and the number of addiction centers that are not free are still very hard to come by---we as a nation will never overcome this problem! Why doesn't the government do something about that???? Tighter regulation needs to be put on the monitoring agents that track the narcotics, and the people who come into the hospital with "chest pain" and things like that who just want the pain meds. So, I guess what I am trying to say is--educate people more about how much tylenol is safe, and address the very fastly growing problem this nation has with addiction. Don't make it something shameful and embarassed to have--ITS A DISEASE, just like heart disease, diabetes, etc. Dont make the people suffer who actually have chronic pain and post surgical pain who use the medicines as they are supposed to be used.