Experts share views on health care issues

  1. May 18, 2009

    At The Dallas Morning News' invitation, 11 health care experts from the Dallas-Fort Worth area
    and Texas recently shared their views via e-mail on how to make health care more affordable and accessible…

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  3. by   drew9319
    alot of decent ideas here. i am still not very comfortable with the single pay model, but that being said, i think if we allow the consumer the right to make choices, and not force them into no choices we will have a better system. i also think that we should allow the MD and patient to decide what tests need to be done. with the caveate that if the MD deems it unnecessary it doesnt get done. there are alot of tests i see done here in our facility that shouldnt be done because we can do them with less expensive options. but the MDs here are new grads mostly and they will order everything under the sun if you let them.