Every Child Deserves a School nurse

  1. fla: school crisis: too few nurses
    [color=#6f6f6f]st. petersburg times, fl - 19 minutes ago
    ... of registered nurses as pinellas, but 10 times as many licensed practical nurses and five times as many certified nursing assistants and health aides. ...

    wy: when the nurse is out: nurses and parents worry about safety when ... - jackson hole
    the national association of school nurses agrees with the state nursing board's position. "every child deserves a school nurse," garcia said. ...
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  3. by   lovejana22

    at my children's school there are two nurses. there is always someone there in case somethings happens which by the was makes me feel very good. in the county next to us though there is not a nurse at every school, that has always made me wonder why? seems like since our county has one in every school the neighboring counties would too, i would think it was a state thing.
  4. by   tridil2000
    what IS a valium enema anyway? :O
  5. by   Kelky
    She is referring to diastat, which is not actually an enema, but a way of giving diazepam PR quickly and easily to a child having a seizure lasting 5 minutes or more.
  6. by   NurseyTee
    That completely shows their ignorance as to what they are actually administering and why or what the side effects or issues that could arrise from giving a small child 10 mg. of diazapam PR during a long seizure. VERY stupid for the schools not to cover themselves from lawsuits by having a nurse to administer such medications during a potentially life-threatening situation.
  7. by   miss arron
    i would be terrified if the secretary of my child's school was providing medical care....