ER nurse recounts desperation of victims

  1. for the past 10 years, karin feltman has been an emergency-room nurse at lawrence memorial hospital.

    she knows pain, trauma and despair.

    that's why she volunteered to go wherever she was needed in the aftermath of hurricane katrina.

    "i thought to myself, 'hey, i've worked er, i can do this,'" feltman said during an after-hours cell phone interview from her tent behind an impromptu medical clinic in the scattered remains of long beach, miss.

    "i really felt i was called to do this," she said.

    feltman, 37, has been in long beach, population 17,800, since sept. 20. she returns to lawrence on oct. 9.

    her life, she said, has been forever changed.

    full story: local er nurse recounts desperation of victims [lawrence journal world,ks]
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