EMMC nurses drop strike threat -- for now

  1. BANGOR, Maine-Negotiators for the nurses union at Eastern Maine Medical Center on Tuesday withdrew the formal 10-day notice of their intention to strike that was issued Monday. But as the day closed on an emergency bargaining session and last-ditch effort to avert the nursing strike, negotiators from both sides announced they had come up empty-handed.

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    October 2, 2007

    MSNA/NNOC Statement to the community
    The Federal Mediator called the parties back together today in an attempt to avert a strike. In preparation for today's meeting, the Bargaining Team developed proposals to address management's concerns regarding our professional practice committee language. They insisted that nurse managers be involved in the process so we revised our proposal to say that the PPC would meet quarterly with management with the purpose of developing joint recommendations.

    Multiple times, they have stated publicly that they will not have an outside third party making decisions regarding staffing. Our comprehensive proposal withdrew that component leaving the ultimate decision to the Chief Nursing Officer with no other recourse.

    We were so confident that we would reach resolution today that in a gesture of good faith we immediately withdrew our notice of a strike. Unfortunately, management refused to consider our new package proposal.

    We are saddened and deeply disappointed that EMMC's administration is willing to subject its nurses, other employees, patients and the community to a strike.
    Informational meetings have been scheduled for Thursday so we can apprise our membership of the latest developments.


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    EMMC nurses vote on contract offer

    October 04, 2007

    BANGOR - Unionized nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor have begun voting on whether to accept what the hospital calls its final contract offer….

    … The key issue is the makeup of a "professional practice committee" that would give direct-care nurses more input into staffing and other issues.

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    EMMC Nurses Reject Contract Offer

    10/5/2007 11:30:34 PM

    (NEWS CENTER) Friday's vote could mean a nursing strike at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.
    About 800 registered nurses represented by the Maine State Nurses Association took part in the vote.

    The union says 80% of them voted to reject what the hospital called its final offer.

    The sticking point is the makeup of a Professional Practice Committee that would give direct-care nurses more input into staffing and other issues.

    It is only logical that the nurses who are responsible for patient care have input into staffing and other issues.
  6. by   lionrn
    Quote from spacenurse
    It is only logical that the nurses who are responsible for patient care have input into staffing and other issues.
    What does logic have to do with contract negotiations?
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    Nurses give Bangor hospital 10-day strike notice

    October 8, 2007

    BANGOR, Maine --Nurses at a Bangor hospital said they will go on strike Oct. 17 unless there's a breakthrough in contract negotiations before then.

    Hospital officials say they are preparing for the walkout and will bring in replacement nurses during the strike.

    While the two sides have made progress on some issues since talks began in July, they have bogged down over a union demand for a "professional practice committee" that would be made up entirely of direct-care nurses.

    The committee would make recommendations to improve care or to address nursing issues but would not have the authority to set change or set policy.

    The nurses say the committee, modeled after a system in California, would promote open and honest communication among direct-care nurses about issues important to patient care.

    "We just want to have a committee that is an open forum for nurses," said Judy Brown, president of the union.

    Hospital officials say the exclusion of managers from the committee would be contrary to its policies….

  8. by   Nursing News
    data affirm claims made by nurses
    [color=#6f6f6f]bangor daily news, me - 1 hour ago

    bangor, maine - unionized nurses at eastern maine medical center say they're chronically overworked, putting patients at risk and contributing to the profession's high burnout rate. and though emmc maintains it staffs comparatively more nurses than most hospitals, data collected from maine hospitals since 2006 show the nurses may have good reason to feel overwhelmed.

    according to a recent statement from the hospital, emmc staffs more generously than a nationally accepted model recommends, "because administration acknowledges that our nurses care for some of the sickest, most clinically demanding patients in maine."

    but staffing data collected from all maine hospitals since january 2006 shows that emmc has a recent history of providing less nursing care than other similar hospitals in maine...
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  9. by   pickledpepperRN
    I think this means they will vote on a contract and avoid a strike.

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    Tentative Agreement

    EMMC nurses withdraw strike notice

    Eastern Maine Medical Center nurses may have reached an agreement with hospital administration after an all-day meeting on Wednesday facilitated by a federal mediator, according to the Bangor Daily News.

    Negotiations between the nurses' union, representing roughly 870 people, and the Bangor hospital's officials ended with what union president Judy Brown called "a tentative agreement" that includes key concessions to nurses' concerns about a professional practice committee at the hospital.
    The union canceled its 24-hour strike notice pending ratification of the agreement, which Brown told the paper she will recommend to union membership.

  11. by   pickledpepperRN
    Nurses contract OK'd by trustees

    Bangor Daily News
    October 16, 2007

    A new three-year contract covering about 870 registered nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center received the endorsement of the hospital’s board of trustees Monday afternoon.

    The board’s approval follows ratification by the nurses over the weekend and brings to a close a traumatic negotiating period that brought the 400-bed hospital to the brink of an unprecedented one-day strike, largely over the issue of staffing.

  12. by   pickledpepperRN
    Maine State Nurses Association has a new PPC nurses committee!


    Documentation for Concern about Safe Staffing for Patient Care form online. I think these forms are part of what the management did not want a committee to discuss.