Ellis Hospital nurses approve contract with 2.2% salary increase

  1. Registered nurses at Ellis Hospital have approved a new four-year contract with the Schenectady institution.
    The nurses, who are represented by the New York State Nurses Association, been working without a contract since Feb. 28. The union and the hospital had reached a tentative agreement July 31.

    Ellis was able to move from a defined benefit pension plan to a defined contribution, or 401(k), retirement plan with both the employee and the hospital pitching in. The loss of the pension plan, a change Ellis had already made for its other workers, was a sticking point in the negotiations.
    The hospital also was able to streamline employee health care by moving to one, self-insured plan. It agreed, however, to limit its ability to increase how much the nurses must contribute to premiums, and to continue to provide them with coverage that is comparable to their current plan.

    Full Story: Ellis Hospital nurses approve contract with 2.2% salary increase [Albany Business Review,NY]
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