Early retirements could save county nurses' jobs

  1. Bay County commissioners are weighing whether to lay off nurses or offer an early retirement buyout.

    About three full-time nurses are facing layoffs after the county in December dropped home health services to Medicare patients.

    Two home health nurses who were issued pink slips this month could be reinstated in different positions if the incentive is adopted at a Jan. 18 meeting of the Bay County Board of Commissioners. The early retirement would be offered to all nurses in the Health Department, not just the home health nurses.

    If the five eligible nurses retire early, layoffs in the home health department would be staved off, said Bay County Executive Thomas L. Hickner, who proposed the buyout.
    Since the county is facing a looming deficit, some commissioners question the wisdom of offering an incentive that will cost the county money.

    More: http://www.mlive.com/news/bctimes/in...6510306410.xml
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