Dr. Paul J. Kronenberg, president of Crouse, calls the merger 'Presumptuous'

  1. dr. paul j. kronenberg, president of crouse, calls the merger ...
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    president of crouse hospital calls merger proposal 'presumptuous'

    a commission prescribed sweeping changes for the state's health care system tuesday that includes mergers, conversions and downsizings of central new york hospitals and nursing homes.

    the state commission on health care facilities in the 21st century said the strong medicine is necessary to fix the state's ailing health care industry and to curb medical spending. the commission estimated the changes will save $1.5 billion annually.

    but many of the affected institutions, their employee unions and elected officials are unhappy with the proposed cure. the state public employees federation, the union representing nurses and other workers at suny upstate medical university, said decisions to close or merge hospitals should not be made by a commission that it believes is unaccountable to the public and appointed by an outgoing governor.

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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I'm shocked. To cut healthcare costs, hospitals are being closed and vital services will not be available.

    Some solution! :angryfire