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Three dozen operating room nurses and technicians at Tri-City Medical Center said a board decision last week to reinstate an orthopedic surgeon will create an uneasy working environment that could... Read More

  1. by   dkrn
    I worked several years ago in a small rural OR. The entire staff including the CRNA was made up of females. We had a general surgeon who had a problem with women, he didn't like them, he also had a problem with RNs, he didn't like them either. He not only was verbally and emtionally abusive but he once threw a scalpal at a tech, kicked a kick bucket so hard (he was aiming for a circulator) it hit the wall and put a dent in the wall. And I will quote him on this" there are only three true professions in this world; Doctors, Lawyers and Priests...actually there are four, prostitutes...nurses are not professionals" Nice guy huh? Well after 2 years of his pyscho behavior we filed a complaint with the EEOC who in turn notified our hospital as to our complaints. He was forced to resign. We later found out that he had several other compaints against him by OR nurses in another state. He is the only true pyscho surgeon I have ever worked with in my 15 years as an OR nurse. Some of the others have had attitudes or felt a little "holier than thou" but for the most part where pretty good as long as you did it their way. I understand about hostile working environment, any nurse in that kind of a situation has to do what they think is best. No one knows what it's like unless you live it. Good luck to all of you. I will pray for you all.
  2. by   zenman
    Quote from suzanne4
    "Doctor, We don't have any Lidocaine jelly on this unit. And we are very low on our supply of lubricant------SORRY! "

    Wouldn't you love to be able to say that, as well as use a 20fr and no lubricant? Your little nurse angels will be there with you............... :angel2:
    You know they have even larger sizes! 36fr would probably work better.
  3. by   heart1st
    I just did..."Walking out on the boys...".
    Dr. Frances Conley is the Stanford Neurosurgeon who resigned her tenured position back in 1991. She did, eventually, rescind her resignation, but the book is full of tales of "gender" harrassment and of how some people helped to make a difference...but, as her book indicates, there's still a long long long way to go.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from fergus51
    "He has certain techniques that he likes followed, and he demands a quality of care that sometimes he doesn't witness," Harvey said. "I think he probably has offended some nurses, but I think it's all in the spirit of quality of care for his patients."

    I especially like this one.... Oh, sure he's threatenned staff and is verbally abusive, but it's just cause he cares about his patients.... BARF!

    I agree. The article makes it sound as if the "doc" was offensive to the nurses only because he damanded a standard of performance that they could not live up to.

    I recently posted links to a couple of studies that concluded that abusive physician behavior is a factor in many nurses leaving nursing.