Doctor blasts Red Nose Day fund raising

  1. Sunday, June 20, 2004.

    Doctor blasts Red Nose Day fund raising
    Australians are being urged to snub Red Nose Day and efforts to raise funds for cot death research.

    New Zealand consulting chemist Dr Jim Sprott says there is no need to raise funds for research as the cause of cot death is known.

    Dr Sprott says it has been proven that children die from poisonous gases in the bedding and the solution is to wrap the baby's mattress in a protective cover.

    He says people should not give money to Red Nose Day on June 25 and he has accused organisers of ignoring his findings.

    "The people who are asking for money know this and are aware of the success of the process known as mattress wrapping in New Zealand," he said.

    "This has been in use here for over nine years, during that time about 650 babies have died of cot death here in New Zealand, but not one of them when parents have adopted this simple technique."

    However the Australian Medical Association has dismissed Dr Sprott's theory.

    Queensland president Dr David Molloy says Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a tragic ongoing problem and research into the problem is essential.

    "I think this view is way too simplistic," he said.

    "Cot deaths are incredibly distressing, they're a major cause of infant mortality and I think the theory they're caused by poisonous gases is just really way to simple and we really genuinely need more research into this terrible phenomenon."
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