Docs, Nurses Misjudge Late Nausea After Chemo

  1. Health care providers greatly underestimate the number of people who suffer delayed nausea and vomiting after they have been given cancer chemotherapy.

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  3. by   jemb
    Thanks for the article, Brian. (Finally had the time to read it!)

    Our pharmacist meets the patients before they are treated and then calls them at home the day after chemo to check on their side effects. That seems to be a better system than I've seen other places. Still, many people return for the next cycle, reporting that they were sick for as long as a week. We will hear,"Oh, my (neighbor, sister, mother, co-worker's husband...) had chemo and told me I'd be sick as a dog, so I just thought it was normal."

    Hello, that's why we gave you our phone number...
  4. by   renerian
    Yes I have called many a doc for that issue with my family and patients.