Displaced nurse plans return to New Orleans home

  1. after escaping the wrath of hurricane katrina, ann bartman finds that she can go home again. with the help of friends and a caring community, she'll do just that.

    bartman, a nurse who cares for transplant patients, is finding time on the internet to be a calmer experience these days. while a tree knocked holes in the roof, her new orleans-area home still stands.

    "it was so random" she said. "it was hard to even understand how the patterns of wind work."

    bartman is just back from her first trip into new orleans since the hurricane hit. she feels lucky that her house and belongings survived, and that many of her friends plan to go back. others aren't so fortunate.

    "one house looked like the wind caught it," she said. "half of it was smashed. there was lumber everywhere."

    back in kewanee where she grew up, bartman continues to stay with friends. her three kids are going back to school in illinois for the time being -- even if it means attending classes 900 miles from home.

    full story: displaced nurse plans return to new orleans home [wqad,il]
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