Displaced health care workers being courted

  1. Areas with shortages advertising to hire

    Displaced health care workers from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are being lured with signing bonuses, relocation assistance and other perks by hospitals, doctor offices and clinics nationwide.

    Classified ads in Gulf Coast newspapers and on websites encourage nurses, therapists, doctors and other health care workers to consider new jobs, either permanently or temporarily.

    A shortage of medical workers in many parts of the USA almost guarantees that workers who leave the hurricane-battered areas will find work.

    What's more difficult to know is whether the health care workers who accept new jobs will return.

    "Recruiters are swooping down on Louisiana," says William Schumacher, who runs a Louisiana-based firm that provides medical staff to hospital emergency departments and is trying to keep doctors in the state. "My fear is that we are going to wake up three months from now when all the volunteers are gone, and there won't be enough staff."

    The choice is tough for health care workers. Many are without jobs or income. Recruiters say they are helping, not poaching.

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  3. by   oramar
    Knowing what I know about healthcare managment I would say they are poaching.
  4. by   Tweety
    I would first try to serve my community. But honestly, if I were displaced I wouldn't last long without an income, unless I went into my retirement money. So I would be greatful for the opportunity to be in a profession in demand and get a job somewhere that was offering it.

    There are displaced workers in need of a job now. Hospitals have always poached with incentives. Not a big deal to me.

    Although, they do have some valid concerns about staffing needs in the future. People just can't sit around and wait and volunteer for very long.
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  5. by   fergus51
    We have half a dozen travellers from NO and the surrounding areas in our unit right now.