Critical Shortage of Nurses, Pharmacists Plagues State - Oak Brook Business Ledger

  1. critical shortage of nurses, pharmacists plagues state
    [color=#6f6f6f]oak brook business ledger, il - dec 20, 2006
    "we have to find ways to fill the nursing shortage, and this new legislation will help us get there." tom renkes, executive director of the illinois nurses ...

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  3. by   EdBSN09
    The hospital in my hometown is pretty representative of most IL hospitals south of Chicago, from my understanding. And upon talking to them a couple of months ago, they indicated that they'd start me out at $13/hour. The article even comments that there are more licensed nurses in IL than are needed. By that time, I'll have a bachelor's degree that will cost a grand total of almost $60,000. $13/hour? As long as they continue to pay like that, IL can do without nurses. I'll keep working in St. Louis where the pay is much better.
  4. by   Gromit
    $13/hr?? I only have an associates degree and I'd have not even justified that "offer" with a response! I'm totally amazed that they would even get ANY nurse (especially at an RN level) to work for that pitiful amount.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I live in central IL (near Peoria) and the new grad rate at a hospital for an RN is $17.40/hour.

    The thing that kills us is that with 12 years of experience as an RN I only made $26/hour!
  6. by   sunnyjohn
    Well no wonder they can't attract good nursing talent! Folks can't afford to pay their bills on $13-17/hr!
  7. by   sunnyjohn
    "The deans of nursing programs make less than the deans of other programs," she said. "And that makes it unattractive for people to want to teach.
  8. by   Gromit
    Hell with the teaching! If you're only offering up $13/hr for new nurses, why would they want to bother attending the nursing program in the first place? Yeah, I'll go and put in a few years (pre-reqs plus the program itself) to get a two-year degree (or more) to make a wage that would BARELY let me live. No thanks. If they really can't figure out why folks are reluctant to fill the vacancies they have, then they haven't got any chance at all (of getting a clue).
  9. by   survivor2
    Quote from traumarus
    i live in central il (near peoria) and the new grad rate at a hospital for an rn is $17.40/hour.

    the thing that kills us is that with 12 years of experience as an rn i only made $26/hour!
    hi i'm new to but please tell me these rate are not true
  10. by   Gromit
    I would expect the post was true (why lie?)
    Where I live, I know of a small private hospital that pays not much better than that (LPNs make 15, RNs make 17) -and I don't work for 'em (I did as a tech, and the techs made decent wages -I made 13 as a tech) and for good reason, at least half of their nursing staff was made up of agency nurses.
    Seems to me they would have been money ahead if they just offered nurses a decent wage.
  11. by   janster58
    After 28 yrs I was making a lousy 28.00/hr. Problem is hospitals are treating nurses like crap, and they leave to find other decent paying non hospital setting jobs. The majority of us are in our mid to late 40's. We are just getting too old to race like teenagers, but management expects more from less. Well they are getting less........less nurses to work with.
    I recently left a place that offered me 120 advance PTO hours as a bonus to come work there. Then I find out I can't use them, great bonus!!!
    Well it turned out to be my bonus, they paid me 13k for orientation over 3 mths and I hit the road as soon as I found something else......and took the holidays OFF!!!!
    It's time the big corporations found out.........there is a shortage, if you don't treat people right!!!!
  12. by   Gromit
    how come you couldn't use 'em? I'm just curious as to the conditions behind the pto "bonus".
    I agree completely, though. These corporations will find that during this shortage, they can find its even worse than they believe -when they have no choice but to use the higher-priced agency staffing, while their competition has the 'local' help. Not that I'm beefing against agencies, -I expect to be an agency nurse (eventually, when I'm ready) since I wish to travel.
    I hear ya about the age. Tough to keep up with the 20-something crowd. I don't considder 41 to be old by any stretch of the imagination, but its been a hard bunch of years, and even >I< have to admit I'm not as durable or quick as I used to be. On the other hand, the 'hard knocks' give me plenty to talk about over a few beers, that my younger brethren cannot yet have experienced -the downside is all the "war wounds" (motorcycle-related injuries, among others) DO make you see things a little differently than you might have once seen 'em
  13. by   janster58
    Well the explaination was that it was a "chronically" understaffed unit. Therefore vacation time was limited. Even though I would accrue 8weeks, including my "bonus" weeks, I was only allowed to use 2 weeks,(for the next 5 yrs) and basically forfeit the rest.
    The 20 somethings have a hard time keeping up with the (49 next month myself) older crowd.
    That place will remain chronically understaffed at that rate. This is an area where the majority of the staff has been there all their careers. They know nothing else, and are afraid to try.
    The generous shift diff at UPMC is a lousy 1.00 per hr. If you work 11am-11pm, you get a big fat GOOSE EGG.........your working the same hours after 3pm as those coming in at 1p or 3p, but you get nada!
    They also offer "domestic partner" benefits as well, but you basically have to be "married" to qualify........they don't tell you that in the initial offer package.
    Oh yeah they offer 7 comp holidays as well........well guess what, you don't get those either!!!!!!
    They pay you out, and the tax man gets most of it, benefit to the employee.
  14. by   K98
    Janster, you weren't speaking of Magee when you mentioned the PTO time? I have a couple friends leaving Magee over a similar issue. My daughter works for UPMC, and isn't too happy with them. I talk to all of our travel nurses about different facilities, and it seems as if there are no good places to work. At present I am headed out of nursing.