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  1. by   Gromit
    Ouch, that sounds like a legalized bait and switch. They tempt you with the bag of carrots only to pull 'em away on technicalities.
    Can't blame you for putting THEM in your rear-view mirror.
    About the only 'advantage' I can think of that I have over the 'youngster' crowd (as most of us call 'em with a smile) is "life experience". I have held jobs in very high-risk environments as well as emergency-type situations. When the caca hits the fan, I don't panic or generally even get excited. I just do what I have to do.
    I didnt realize this until one night when the poop was flyin', one of the younger ones was joking about it to another how 'all joe ever does is raise his eyebrow, and get up and go to the room'. I smiled and told her what I once told a partner of mine back in my EMS years: "I don't run. It makes me break a sweat and gets the locals excited and worried. Walk, be calm and at least appear to be in control -its more valuable than anything else. If you EVER see me run, then RUN. Ask me "why?" AFTER I stop running -if you can catch me, and if we survive. I'm too old, too fat, and had too many injuries to get too excited -hehehe.
  2. by   banditrn
    In 1997 I moved 16 miles into Illinois from Iowa - there are a couple of small hospitals, and several nursing homes in the area, so I thought maybe I'd get an Illinois license.

    I called the licensing agency - found the people to be less than helpful, the paperwork overwhelming - and I've never bothered to go thru the process to get an Illinois license. I just drive the few miles back to Iowa.
  3. by   RobCPhT
    Has anyone checked the area with a site such as Yahoo! HotJobs - Thousands of jobs. Find the right one. for the areas salary? From an HR perspective it helps if you see what other companies set the market level at and use that as a negotiation point.
  4. by   Proverbs 16:3
    Quote from Gromit
    I would expect the post was true (why lie?)
    Where I live, I know of a small private hospital that pays not much better than that (LPNs make 15, RNs make 17) -and I don't work for 'em (I did as a tech, and the techs made decent wages -I made 13 as a tech) and for good reason, at least half of their nursing staff was made up of agency nurses.
    Seems to me they would have been money ahead if they just offered nurses a decent wage.
    $17 for paying $28,000 tuition per year for a BSN program is absolutely atrocious!
    The techs i work with here make $18/hr base pay.
    Why work full time, take out loans to pay all this tuition when you can't even support yourself when you graduate.
    I guess illinois is out for me.
  5. by   Gromit
    Dunno where you work and play, but in the Tampa region of Florida, the wages are a bit lower (evidently) than wherever it is -of course, not having a state income tax and generally lower cost of living can offset the lower wage. I recall when I was working in the Baltimore, MD area (not as a nurse, different field) our wages were much better than here, but the state, county and city took their share, and by the time it was said and done, I wasn't living any better there than I do here -and worse in some ways.
    The bottom line is made up of many different factors, and they all have to be considdered. For my part, I'm also an avid biker and gun enthusiast, so THOSE things would have to be taken into account as well (for instance, Chigago has draconian gun laws, so I'd never even considder living there -even though I always loved going to Chicago back in the '90s) -I enjoy collecting, and going to the range for a day of target practice (what I call relaxing). Clearly this would be incompatible with that city. Where the bike is concerned, I'm not even going to considder riding a motorcycle in the snow and on ice, so I'd have to be able to shelter it, or give it up (not likely. I only do three things in life outside of work. I shoot, ride, and brew beer, and life is too short to give up the things you love).
  6. by   LuLu2008
    I am responding to the suggestion of going on a Yahoo! website to find out nursing positions and wages in my zip code area. This was not very enlightening: the two main hospitals in my city (which are understaffed) did not have any ads running, several traveling nurse agencies had ads but did not specify the salary, and several unrelated entities used the Yahoo! site to try and recruit nurses into other positions.

    I find it interesting that although my state (Colorado) gives lip service to a critical nurse shortage, one of the most understaffed states in the country, the RN refresher course I am attending was unable to attract a single benefactor to offset the $1700 tuition we are paying. The hospitals themselves do not offer RN refresher or retraining programs - and I would think with the local depressed economy, they would be able to hire inactive nurses if this was offered.

    Of great interest to me was the mention of a tech earning nearly as much as a nurse. What type of tech would this be? How long does one need to go to school to be a tech?