Corzine eyes universal health care for state

  1. WOODBRIDGE-New Jersey children will soon have access to low-cost health insurance, Gov. Jon S. Corzine formally announced Wednesday. But he has his eye on a broader goal: universal health coverage for the entire state.
    Corzine is considering paying for his plan with a windfall from allowing nonprofit insurance giant Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield to convert to a for-profit company, say two state officials with knowledge of the administration's internal discussions. The move could bring the state billions of dollars that would be dedicated to health care.
    Separately from the two sources, Senate President Richard J. Codey, D-Essex, said the conversion is on the table for Corzine, although Codey didn't know what the financial gains would be specifically used for.
    Source: accessed 12/20/07.
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  3. by   CRNA2007
    Even a lib like Corzine understand that for profit benefits everyone.
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    The point is that he is trying to bring about universal coverage for the citizens of his state.