Corporations to begin outsourcing healthcare overseas

  1. Some people believe such a thing could never happen. Well, its here...
    Businesses are looking into sending employees overseas for cheaper medical treatment rather than pay outrageous costs here in the US. If this thing takes off its going to have a HUGE impact on the entire domestic healthcare industry. This will be an interesting development to watch.
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  3. by   Sheri257
    I'm sure they'll try it but, realistically ... how many people are going to be willing to travel to a foreign country for medical treatment?

    What happens if something goes wrong? Can you sue a doctor or hospital in a foreign country? Who regulates these facilities?

    Presumably, the patient would also have to be ambulatory to do this and, as we know, a lot of patients aren't. Are they going to pay for extra staff to transport non-ambulatory patients?

    And, presumably, this wouldn't apply to emergency situations either. Seems like it would only work for elective procedures.

    In my area we have a lot of Indian doctors. From what I understand in India, the MD makes a lot of the decisions. Patients don't have the same rights and autonomy as they do in the states.

    Seems like a dicey situation all the way around.

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