Chewing gum improves math scores

  1. Another study showing the benefits of chewing gum in improving short term memory and blood flow to the brain. My boss has put out a memo that staff are not to chew gum during upcoming inspection due to "unprofessionalism". I never chewed gum before working in a dialysis unit but patients love gum because they are on fluid restrictions so I usually have either gum or hard candy in my pocket. Does anyone else consider it unprofessional to chew gum at work?
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  3. by   Faeriewand
    I consider gum chewing to be unprofessional but I also already know the benefits of gum chewing and have encouraged my children to chew gum for tests. LOL And I will too when I take an exam in college or the NCLEX-RN.

    I didn't know it relieved anxiety. I will have to chew gum more often.