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this article is from the centers of disease control (cdc) influenza vaccination rates for nurses need a boost with all the news coverage in the last few years of people scrambling to find a... Read More

  1. by   heartonfire
    It is not legal to vaccinate people without consent. The facility would be opening themselves up to potential law suits if any adverse reaction would occur. I would be very uneasy with a mandatory vaccination policy for influenza.

    Theimerosal is a perservative that is mercury based and used in influenza vaccines. It is used to kill off bacteria or other fungus that may grow and contaminate the vaccine. The recent research is showing that this is causing health problems especially in the children vaccinated. Autism is one of the prime conditions that they are connecting to this ....but not the only one.

    The other factor is that they research does not show any strong indication that the flu shots are showing prevention of flu anyway. I think people just need to do their own research before getting any type of vaccine for themselves or children.
  2. by   marilynmom
    Here is another article about the link between the flu vaccine and GBS:

    Arch Intern Med -- Abstract: Guillain-Barre Syndrome After Influenza Vaccination in Adults: A Population-Based Study, November 13, 2006, Juurlink et al. 166 (20): 2217

    "Influenza vaccination is associated with a small but significantly increased risk for hospitalization because of GBS. "

    And they are only talking about who has been hospitalized with GBS, not all those who got GBS and who were not hospitalized. My MIL had GBS but wasn't in the hospital because she could still breathe, she couldn't move her legs though, she couldn't walk for over a month...
  3. by   P_RN
    I took it hit or miss for years and years. Then about 10 years ago I got Mycoplasma pneumonia that trashed my lungs for a long, long time.

    Then about a year later I had a patient who was transported by ambulance to a hospital nearer his home. He was almost 7 feet tall. I held his head because he was too tall for the ambulance bed. He had the flu. I got so sick I actually made out my will and told my children goodbye. From then on I took the flu shot and haven't had flu yet.

    The pneumonia was horrid, but nothing compared to flu.
  4. by   P_RN
    Oh my BIL had GB and he was totally paralysed for about 6 months. He never took a flu shot in his life. WHEN he recovered they told him never to take one ever!
  5. by   SaderNurse05
    I have had the flu shot for the past 10 years mainly to protect my patients. The last 2 years I have gotten the flu- sick as a dog, 7 days, positive rapid flu (which I don't entirely trust but that's another thread). I have come to the conclusion that I am getting exposed to different strains of influenza than the ones the gov'mint thinks are coming. This makes me think I would be better off becoming even more anal about hand washing and cough/sneeze precautions.
  6. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from WhimsieRN
    That would be me. I don't get the vaccine because I get very ill after having it. How can I pass something on to you or your loved ones when I have not had it?

    I believe I do a good job of ensuring that I practice effective infection control.

    Generally, the residents who get the flu in my facility get it from their families.

    This year, we have a sign posted that if you have a cough or the sniffles or a cold, to please refrain from visitng the facility until it has cleared up and to ask the Nurse for tissues and a face mask.

    The policy for employees this year is that if you come down with a cold or the sniffles that you see our Doc (for free), get the test for the flu and get an excuse and the abscence is not counted against you. If you come to work sick, you will be written up and sent home. That goes for everyone from Housekeepers to the Administrator.
    I wish all would adopt this strategy!!
  7. by   indigo girl
    I am providing this link to another forum. The thread is entitled, Reasons to Get the Current Seasonal Flu Shot. I hope that it will be helpful. It does not represent my own views, necessarily, but I felt that it provided some useful information, and some unique viewpoints. I don't think that you have to sign in to that forum, but you might, and it's not a big thing anyway.
  8. by   cheat25
    I got the flu shot in 1999 and will never get it again. I thought I would die. I never got the flu or even a really bad cold before or since then, so why do it again? It is crazy to inject something into your body to protect you from what might happen and still feel crappy anyway for a few days. I have also had patients who developed guillian barre very soon after getting the flu shot. I'll pass! -cheat25
  9. by   weirdRN
    I helped give the flu shot last week, on Wednesday, to a number of residents in my LTC/SNF. By Friday, ten people had come down with something upper resiratory related. By Saturday, three had been hospitalized with a URI, Pneumonitis, and a UTI.

    I wonder if any of that might be related to people in poor health in the first place being exposed to something that could potentially be fatal.
  10. by   gr8greens
    Taking the flu shot is a personal choice. I've only taken it three times during my career (26yrs.). My arm is still a bit sore from last Thursdays' shot but I had no other side effects. I did it more to protect my family from me during this flu season than anything else.
    Here's hoping and praying that the threatened flu pandemic stays away again this year!
  11. by   dream'n
    I have a sour taste in my mouth from the way my facility handled the flu shortage a few years ago. They announced they had a limited amount of flu vaccines available for staff and that were going to vaccinate the Drs. only! The nurses and all the other staff would have to wait to see if any vaccine was left over. Really ticked me off, I mean who spends the most time at the bedside?
  12. by   indigo girl
    Taking NSAIDs before your flu shot may not be a good idea:

    Effect Measure
  13. by   Gromit
    Wow, Disney. I guess they showed where THEIR priorities lay!
    Glad I don't work for that outfit.

    I always get it mainly because of the unit I work in -the patients' immune systems are already in the tank -and they certainly don't need any help in being pushed over the edge.
    I've always thought of my immune system as being so strong it could cure OTHERS just by their proximity to myself (grin). Early this year, however, I managed to contract the coxsackie virus (best guess by the docs, anyway) and it caused me to have cardiomyopathy -giving me an ejection fraction of only 20% (and at 40 years old, I was devestated) -my EF is 42 now and climbing (been a very long year for me) but I made sure to get the shot this year (last week, actually) because I certainly don't need the strain that the flu would put on my heart. I recall getting sick a few months prior to being hospitalized for my newly onset chf (back in april this year). Some bug (the infamous "creeping crud" ) was making the rounds on all of the floors in the hospital. I got sick as well -which was kind of surprising since I rarely get anything beyond the sniffles- and it seemed to have a pretty long 'hang time' (some of my fellow nurses missed quite a bit of work).
    I know many who say they get a little sick after getting the shot. It never so much as even causes my arm (injection site) to be sore.