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this article is from the centers of disease control (cdc) influenza vaccination rates for nurses need a boost with all the news coverage in the last few years of people scrambling to find a... Read More

  1. by   gkrn
    i've been in the nursing field for 30 years now. i worked my way through nursing school working as an aid and then a nurse tech on a neuro floor. i have taken the flu shot only 2 times, that is when it was required as a nursing student. both times i got sick with 104 fever and the second year was the year that so many people came down with the guillaine-barre syndrome. being with 2 of these victims as they were being put on a respirator and the fear in their eyes when they no longer could control even their own breathing has left me with a terrible reminder that there is no long term studies on the effects of the flu vaccine that is being given. every medication out there has a toxic level--or else it could not be prescribed. don't be fooled. there are risks. many of those risks have been minimized, but don't judge another nurse if they choose not to take the flu shot.
  2. by   jjjoy
    gkrn - you have a point that almost no treatment out there is risk-free. Given that vaccines aren't just about protecting oneself but also to reduce the risk of passing infections on to patients, how would you counsel other nurses in regard to whether or not to get the flu vaccine given that there may be some small risk involved? Do you think that health personnel being vaccinated doesn't help prevent the transmission of the flu in health care settings, especially those working with especially vulnerable populations (elderly, etc)?
  3. by   gkrn
    My counsel would be to keep their immune system in tip-top shape, follow universal precautions, and don't get run down so a virus can catch them. It has worked for me for years and at 55 with no prescriptions needed for any health problems while most of my friends are on 3 or more meds--I'll keep on this way until I see a change in the balance of my situation. 28 years of not getting the flu--thus not sharing the flu is experience, not just knowledge. And with a 50-50 chance that the flu shot works-----What sounds more logical to you?
    PS> If they are smart enough to be a nurse, they should be smart enough to weigh and consider their own situation and make a judgement that they can live with.
  4. by   ylesner
    I took the flu vaccine and got very bad flu for about a week. I had another one in January and never had the experience I had with my first shot.

  5. by   kynguyen68
    Thanks for the info. I have just started reading the postings and I have find them to be witty and informative. Love you nurses!
  6. by   RNonRun
    Quote from MarySunshine
    I've never met a nurse who thought that the flu vaccine could cause the flu. That's really condescending for the author to say that.
    Well Actually.........
    I am old enough to have experienced the pleasure of LIVE (flu) vaccine and was sicker than a proverbial dog. So until just recently I didn't realize the difference but Fa-get-a-bough-tit for me as I saw my Granny Grace get sick every time she had an alledged killed vaccine so.....

    Not really fair to say condescending didn't think that at all. Different parts of the country are different though some facilities all the nurses get the shots others.... no way!

  7. by   indigo girl
    It is getting to be that time of year again, and flu season though it has
    not officially begun, appears to have started in some states. Maybe
    this would be a good year for getting the pneumonia vaccine for those who
    can do so. Think about it:

    Quote from //

    "Based on the severity of Australia's flu season, we anticipate that this year's flu season will be more severe than last year's. Plus, confirmed flu cases in Hawaii indicate that the season is beginning much sooner than last year," said Mimi Allen, community wellness division manager at the Visiting Nurse Association.


    Quote from

    HONOLULU -- Three months before the usual flu season, Hawaii health officials said they have recorded their first cluster of flu cases at a school.
    Indiana:<br /> =500

    Quote from

    Doctor Hindahl got sick with the flu early. His symptoms started last week with a sore throat, severe congestion and runny nose. The chills and aches didn't start until the weekend.

    "My test for Influenza A was positive yesterday (Sunday). I know of a least one other patient tested positive for influenza B and that was done three weeks ago," says Hindahl.

    Dr. Hindahl says it's extremely rare to see Influenza this early. The infection usually doesn't come until late fall early winter. That's why the vaccine for it isn't available until October.
  8. by   leslymill
    Quote from MarySunshine
    I've never met a nurse who thought that the flu vaccine could cause the flu. That's really condescending for the author to say that. Usually we're throwing caution to the wind and gambling our chances because the flu shot DOES make lots of people feel crappy. I figured I should let the more susceptable folks get first dips at flu shots -- I'm young and healthy.
    The problem is young and health nurses can work for the three days they have the flu , cough and sneeze all over their immuno-compromised patients who wind up fighting death from from the pneumonia the influenza made them suseptible to .:uhoh21:
    Might be good to get it if you work with seriously ill clients or you have children who are with other children cause that is how most flu is spread. The injection at most only causes some mild flu symptoms.
  9. by   bigsyis
    I get mine every year.
  10. by   RedWeasel
    i have a problem with our employer that is intimidating us into flu shots. (this is besides the point but I find most of our Guilliain Barre pts arrive to our rehab unit in the fall-)-They insist we provide proof of vax admin, or get it at work, if we refuse we have to sign a paper saying that we knowingly put our pts at risk, also we have to GO TO A CLASS.....I GUESS IN THE AGE OF HIPPA---WHY IS IT ANYONES BUSINESS WHAT WE DO? WE are vaxd against all the other stuff=i get that...and the health nurse has proof of it....but for an entire hospital staff to know who did and who didnt get a flu shot is to me a major violation of HIPPA>....I wonder what the lawyers out there would do with it.....I saved all of my emails regarding it....this isnt a post about pro vax vs anti vax....I just think it is wrong because we take such great care to protect our pts privacy, why is our privacy just stamped on and thrown out for our managers, nurse educators and health nurse to see and judge us on...? I find it a scary trend and our center is just wanting to advertise in the community that 90% of the staff has been is all about how we look in the really....
  11. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I have been a nurse for 24 years and have never gotten the flu shot. I have seen co-workers take it and fall ill within 48 hrs and miss work. I have seen very fragile patients take it and die within two weeks, after becoming very ill with fever, chills, respiratory as well as GI symptoms.
    They can tell me all they like, but I do not think it does as much good as they like to believe.:trout: And, as another poster said, it has their best guess as to what strain of the flu will be most prevalent in any given year.
    None for me, thanks. I'll take my chances. I've had bad colds, bad sinus infections, but nothing ever diagnosed as the flu since I was in high school.
  12. by   canoehead
    Our hospital says that if there is a flu outbreak those without the vaccine will not be allowed to work.
    Great reason not to get it IMO.
  13. by   AprilRNhere
    Quote from canoehead
    Our hospital says that if there is a flu outbreak those without the vaccine will not be allowed to work.
    Great reason not to get it IMO.

    Wow- this has me LOL. They just posted a sign saying only 40% of our nurses have gotten the vaccination this year. This would NOT help the odds I'm sure!

    I don't get it. I've gotten the shot twice in my life. I've gotten the flu twice in my life....the same years. While I don't think it caused makes me see the odds just aren't worth injecting something into my body. Yes..I'm a nurse..but I'm also for not taking meds that aren't really needed.