CDC reports 81 U.S. healthcare workers have H1N1 virus - page 2

The CDC says about half of the workers caught the virus while on the job. The finding suggests that hospitals and workers are not taking sufficient preventive measures. At least 81 U.S. healthcare... Read More

  1. by   RedWeasel
    well I think my brother and mom have it-sinus pain, cough, sore throat, fever, moist cough. The cough comes on so quickly-usually it takes a few days to become so moist-but for them it was like in one day. They hyperjumped time to get to feeling completely lousy. I am going to the store. Going to stock up on kleenex and popsicles etc for them, and for when I will surely get it. My brother wasn't around my mom while sick-just the day before-so I am sure my mom was contagious to ME before she got sick, so I am just counting the hours. My nose is pretty stuffy. So it would be hard to blame healthcare workers-they probably got it before family or patients showed symptoms.
  2. by   lpnstudentin2010
    a friend of mine is one of the 81. She got quite sick with it because she also has asthma, emphasyma, and chronic bronchitis. Luckely her 2 sisters work in health care also so they have been caring for her.
  3. by   JessicaSN
    But it is pretty bad when HC workers are careless, and spread it to everybody else. They just don't care. Period.................
    Wow, way to back up your future fellow nurses and health care workers You sound a bit OCD and I bet those clothes you get online are made in Mexico.

    According to the article there have been 17,800 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus in the US. Only 81 health care workers have been confirmed to have it. That is 0.004% of the cases have been health care workers. I think that is pretty dang good considering it was a nurse or another staff member who had to swab those 17,800 patients. Of course the media likes to scare people into thinking health care professionals (especially nurses) are dirty and OUT TO MAKE YOU SICK.

    This is my retort to that line of thinking: nurses and other HCP aren't perfect. We are not immune to diseases or viruses. We have rights and should not be forced or bullied into getting vaccinations we don't want. Sometimes I don't even wear gloves when I touch a patient (!). Sometimes when I'm trying to save someone's life, they may cough on me, or I may get vomit, urine, or other bodily fluids on me by accident. These things cannot always be helped. We should be PRAISED that only 81 health care workers have contacted the virus, not made to feel like we have failed our patients. I risk my health every time I go into work. Where is the public's concern for that?

    *steps off soapbox*
  4. by   RedWeasel
    My point again is that the Doctors aren't thinking enough about it to order the freaking test> so OF course we are going to get it. No test, no suspicion means we aren't isolating them and everything and everyone in and out of the room will carry it. It isn't about us necessarily not protecting ourselves-how can we when the orders aren't written. Yes I have worn gowns and masks into rooms I suspect are H1N1-great. but what about the other 10 workers who aren't aware of the risk and put us at risk by not wearing ppe?-to not order the test, and fail to recognize it before we are all out sick, or worse. PPE means nothing if everyone isn't using it.
  5. by   debi49
    The important thing here is find a balance between due diligence and not adding to the panic. Every sore throat does not equal H1N1. In fact most wont. This is so far a mild influenza, tho we have no guarentee how it will play out in the future. And the reality rarely matches the technicolor/24 hour news cycle. SO keep good hygiene, use universal precautions, stay home if you are sick, and keep your perspective and optimism. That my 2 cents anyway
  6. by   horselover1
    atleast there hasn't been a whole lot of u.s. deaths from swine flu.