CDC Issues Zika- Related Travel Advisory for Miami

  1. The CDC issued a Zika- related travel advisory today for a 1 square mile area in Miami, FL. This was issued as the CDC discovered more infected mosquitos and more cases than they had hoped. Mosquitos can only carry the virus to another person after biting a person infected with the Zika virus. The entire city of Miami is not under a travel advisory since mosquitos only fly 500 feet in their lifetime, so the infected mosquitos will not fly out of the advisory area.

    The priority of the travel advisory is to protect pregnant women. If there are pregnant women in the area, they should use insect repellant to protect themselves.

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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Would like to add that DEET has been deemed safe to use during pregnancy, even at higher concentrations.

    Having traveled to Zika-endemic Central America, can confirm that repellents with at least 50% DEET are more effective at preventing mosquito bites.

    Stay safe!
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    CDC continue to look like idiots every year. Those pest may not like to fly outside of their area but....when their eggs end up on a moving vehicle like in a bucket with a small amount of water on the back of a pickup truck you will have outside of miami.