Cape nurses rally for law banning forced overtime

  1. september 20, 2011
    hyannis-massachusetts hospitals need more nurses, not more nurses working overtime, health care advocates said monday at a press conference near cape cod hospital.

    the press conference at noon on park street was one of five held concurrently across the state by the massachusetts nurses association and the coalition to protect massachusetts patients to rally support for legislation on nurse staffing levels in acute-care hospitals.

    the joint committee on public health is holding a hearing on the two nurse staffing bills today at the statehouse.
    the patient safety act calls upon the massachusetts department of public health to set safe limits on the number of hospital patients a nurse cares for at one time.

    the other bill prohibits hospitals from forcing nurses to work mandatory overtime to deal with staffing shortages...
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  3. by   SummitRN
    This is the type of legislation we need in every state of the Union!
  4. by   Rodoon
    I agree the legislation is good, but I'd hoped "mandatory" overtime was long dead. Twelve times a year is too much, especially when there are nurses waiting to be hired. Mandatory should be used for emergencies like the mass causalties from the airshow crash or holding staff over due to natural disasters. I remember my daycare telling me that don't need my business because of it. Strange how the same problems pop up.
  5. by   SweettartRN
    I wish I could get overtime......
  6. by   CCRNDiva
    This is becoming common practice across the country. They call it "fair share hours" in my area. The hospital refused to fill vacated positions for over a year. We are bursting at the seams and now they are hiring permanent staff and travelers to cover until the permanent staff is oriented. Unfortunately, the new staff are just to fill vacated positions; we have not received additional FTEs to cover for the large influx of patients we've had since the other local hospital moved to the suburbs. So we are working with staff to cover 14 pts while our true census avg is 20. We are required to sign up for additional shifts to cover the unit.

    They call it our "fair share" but it is quite funny that administration and unit management seem to be exempt from participating.
  7. by   needshaldol
    This hospital seems to need more CNA's. It did not mention about this. Our hospital has been cutting back on CNA's and it really makes work more difficult. I LOVE my CNA's. They can make all the difference in this stressful work environment and lets face it; the hospitals are just cutting to put the $ in their own already inflated pockets.
  8. by   stubornone
    how many hours are too many, this 2 week i have 127.5, they did not include the many lunch breaks i did not get to take. the 4 10 hr shifts i was promised ,,,hahaha