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Sacramento -- Two weeks after branding them "special interests" and bragging he can "kick their butt," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was sued Tuesday by California's largest nursing union as it moved to... Read More

  1. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from kathi yudin
    worked in the acute.. i worked med surg.. icu/ccu.. approximately 18 yrs ago when the ratios were alot higher then 1:5 or 1:6... i have been where you are..
    I respectfully disagree. Eighteen years ago, things were WAAAAAAAY different. The patient numbers may've been higher, but everyone agrees that the patient who used to be in ICU is now turfed to a Tele unit, the patient population is generally older, more acutely ill, and has more co-morbidities.

    Your place might be the exception, and I believe you do have all that you say, but I have to wonder why the facilities in the entire state of CA have to suffer because you refuse to believe that their facilities do not have better management.

    Quote from kathi yudin
    management.. who can get cited for not having enough staff would deliberately risk someones life and try and avoid safe practices
    Sure they would! Why else did unions have to form? It's cheaper for a facility to run the risk, blame the nurse, and take the lawsuit over the few patients who experience a sentinel event due to short-staffing. They lose nothing if the nurse is blamed, whereas if they have to make sweeping changes in a process, it costs money.

    In CA, it doesn't even cost that much money, because y'all have caps in awards, too, correct?
  2. by   Matrona~Revolucion
    I second the "WOOOOT!"

    Go, CNA, go!!! :hatparty: