California Nurses Assn. on Schwarzenegger's Election Bid: 'We Don't Need Five More Ye

  1. California Nurses Assn. on Schwarzenegger's Election Bid: 'We Don't Need Five More Years of a Kindergarten Governor'

    OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The California Nurses
    Association today issued the following statement regarding the announcement
    that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will stand for re-election next year:
    "Gov. Schwarzenegger has betrayed all the grandiose promises he made to
    Californians when he was elected two years ago," said CNA Executive Director
    Rose Ann DeMoro.
    "Instead of removing the influence of special interests, he has shattered
    all records for cash register politics in the governor's office -- and spent
    more time fundraising than governing."
    "Instead of listening to the will of the 'people', he has ignored them --
    most recently by wasting $55 million on a special election opposed by two
    thirds of Californians."
    "Instead of rebuilding the image of California, he embarrasses all of us
    as governor, with brutish comments about 'kicking nurses' butts,' dismissing
    his critics as 'girlie men,' and presiding over an endless string of
    "Instead of the treating Californians with respect, he has attacked the
    nurses who care for our most vulnerable, the teachers who educate our
    children, and the firefighters who are on the front lines of public safety."
    "Instead of establishing a 'moderate' tone, he has bent to the most
    extreme wishes of his legion of corporate sponsors by seeking to roll back
    public safety regulations in hospitals, veto bills to assure affordable
    prescription drugs, and block efforts to improve conditions for working
    "His entire focus has been on increasing the bottom line of people who
    don't need help: the pharmaceutical giants, oil companies, wealthy
    developers, health care corporations, HMOs and insurance companies, and
    "California has already seen enough of this act, and this actor. We need
    more than a kindergarten governor."
    DeMoro said. CNA is urging Californians to respond to Schwarzenegger's
    announcement at the ballot box in November by voting "No" on all ballot
    CNA, which represents 65,000 registered nurses, has already protested
    Schwarzenegger at some 90 events since last December, protests that now, said
    DeMoro, "will obviously continue."

    SOURCE California Nurses Association
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