California Nurse Law Fails To Cause Emergency

  1. After dire warnings that new nurse-staffing rules could hamstring hospitals, state regulators received a total of 49 complaints that California hospitals had failed to meet nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in the first three months of the year. Citations were filed against two hospitals, neither one in the Sacramento area.
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  3. by   Rita Marie
    The facility that I have had clinical rotation in has implemented the 1:6 ratio (they often do these things before being forced to by the government), and the main complaint that I have heard is that the floors bicker about having the staffing to meet the need. It will take time for our area (Western Slope of Colorado). But frankly, they come close to meeting the need.
    Where I work now, we have a 1:20 ratio, and it is killing me! (LTC facility).
    So, when I return to the hospital setting, I don't believe that I will complain about a 1:7 ratio if the staffing isn't just "so."