California approves 151 million dollars for Regenerative Medicine Research.

  1. CIRM will fund three types of grants:
    -Up to 25 comprehensive research grants of $400,000 a year for four years will go to veteran scientists with proven track records in human embryonic stem cell research to expand their focus or take it in new directions. Topics could include deriving new disease-specific stem cell lines, or colonies of cells, or studying the self-renewing properties of the cells.
    -Up to 30 two-year seed grants of $200,000 annually will fund promising scientists with no track record in the field to explore ideas. -Up to 15 shared research laboratory grants will let institutions build dedicated labs for embryonic stem cell research, so long as those facilities are available to unaffiliated scientists nearby. Money will also go to five institutions fortraining in basic stem cell science. Grants would range from $2 million to $2.5 million for capital costs, and up to $400,000 a year over three years for ongoing costs and supplies.
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