Bulgarian Nurses sentenced to death

  1. The five Bulgarian nurses, whom Libya sentenced to death on charges of deliberate HIV infection, have been moved from Benghazi to the prison Judeyda in Tripoli.

    The nurses' stay in the prison will be temporary, Deputy Foreign Minister Gergana Gruncharova assured adding that the five women share the same cell with two Libyan females.

    The location remained unknown until later in the day. Earlier Foreign Minister Passy tried to assuage fears, saying the medics have been transferred to a safe place and thanked the Qaddafi Foundation for the assistance.

    The move has raised concerns about the safety of the nurses. Shortly after the Benghazi Criminal Court handed their death verdicts, the Bulgarians alarmed that Libyan prisoners will carry out the executions should they be transferred to a prison in Tripoli.

    The Bulgarian medics were kept prisoners in Judeyda for nearly three years, where they were tortured into making self-confessions.

    In 2001 they were accommodated in a house under guard in Tripoli.

    The whole international community has denounced the death verdicts, which came despite expert testimony at the trial that poor hygiene was the likely cause of transmission.

    Source: http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=35951
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  3. by   jnette
    Wow. Amazing.. tragic...
  4. by   renerian

    I guess that issue brings out many emotions in me.................

    Mostly the hiding under the chair one.....

  5. by   mother/babyRN
    So how come we aren't hearing about THIS prison "abuse" in the news..Oh, thats right, it doesn't involve Americans....Hmmmm...
  6. by   suprnurs40
    God have mercy on them. This is the first that i heard regarding this. Thankful to live in a democratic country.
  7. by   jaimealmostRN
    This is the reason I will never ever ever ever (ever) go overseas....Brian is there any info on how to try and help them? Call me naive, but I think they are innocent, AIDS/HIV are running rampant in this part of the world. Who knows how these people got it, but I don't think these health care professionals conncoted an evil scheme to infect people.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Sentenced to death??? OMG! I pray our human rights groups are hard at work to stop this. I too am thankful to live in a western country where things like this don't happen.

    We take our lifestyle for granted until we hear of atrocities elsewhere.