Boston Globe: Critical Care, The Making of an ICU Nurse

  1. "although television shows such as "er" make it seem as if doctors do just about everything in hospitals, nurses actually provide nearly 90 percent of intensive care, usually with no doctors in sight. nurses sometimes feel like second-class citizens, but they are the backbone of the icu, and hospitals struggle to recruit and train enough of them."

    thank you mass general for requesting a story about nurses; julia and michele for showing the essence of nursing.

    a four-part series by the globe's scott allen

    julia had just eight months to go from being a trainee fresh out of school to a nurse ready to care for the most gravely ill patients at mass. general, one of the nation's leading hospitals.

    critical care: the making of an icu nurse

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    about the series
    reporter scott allen and photographer michele mcdonald observed the training of first-year nurse julia zelixon for seven months, as she cared for two dozen desperately ill patients. hear about their experiences below. massachusetts general hospital allowed the globe team unrestricted access to the icu, on the condition that the patients' names and photographs could only be used with their permission or that of a family member.

    scott allen and michele mcdonald discuss their experiences at mass. general. (7 mins. 20 secs.)
    left click the link above to listen, right click to download it.

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  3. by   geekgolightly
    such a great series. i read it in it's entirety. thanks for posting it.
  4. by   MarySunshine
    I'm a new grad in a 6 month orientation program for the icu. I loved those articles, and I forwarded them to my family. You know, maybe I'll get a respect boost. Either that or "AHHH!!! They let YOU do that?!"
  5. by   december
    A phenomenal special report-the telling of the truth about nursing.