Bay Area Sutter Nurses walk off the job

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  3. by   MissMonica
    My very first nursing job was at CPMC, a San Francisco Sutter hospital. I would DO ANYTHING to have that job back. I wish I never left. I was paid very well and paid zero dollars for my health insurance. I made some of my best friends there and the comraderie on the unit was wonderful. I now live on the east coast and make half as much money and pay a fortune for my health benefits, out of my pay, even though I am a staff nurse for the hospital. Its crazy. Those Cali nurses dont know how good they've got it. As soon as I can, I am running back to the good life over there!!!
  4. by   fronkey bean
    Is it just me or did the hosp. and community not seem to take the strike and the demands of the strikers very seriously? Has the CNA had much results from srikes like this?