Bad Intentions?

  1. Sadly, this sort of thing is a almost daily occurence at my place of employment, it is ironic this article showed up in my inbox today as I was going to post on this subject tonight in the forums.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    seems Beverly Hospital better get with the program!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Yuck. In IL, we have a law where it is now a felony to assault a healthcare provider at work! We prosecute too!

    I was slapped in the face by a drunk woman and she went to jail for 180 days - not much but maybe she'll think twice next time when she goes drinking.
  5. by   barbyann
    I have more than once felt threaten by a patient. I have been greatly disappointed by my hospitals response each time. I have come up with some of my own plans for my personal safety.
  6. by   gonzo1
    Fortunately where I work this is considered serious and management encourages us to prosecute. There have been several attacks on ER staff lately. Seems to be escalating. I try to always keep patients at arms length when ever possible.
  7. by   banditrn
    One and only once in my career did I refuse to care for a patient - he was from a drug half way house in for a minor surgery. He way young, twice my size, and became threatening. Nope, not going there - walked out of the room, told the supervisor, security came up and he was dismissed immediately.

    I think ER nurses should get to carry tasers!!
  8. by   vamedic4
    Quote from banditrn

    I think ER nurses should get to carry tasers!!

    Defibrillators work just as well...even from across a room. AND they're easily accessible :roll :roll :roll

    I find it sad that to hear about the subject of that article, now we know yet another reason why nurses leave the field. Why do something if you don't feel safe doing it??

    ready for a nap
  9. by   Medic/Nurse
    Orbit "cracked" prehospital. Attacker (patient) was prosecuted!

    Had the h*** wrestled/kicked/bitten/scratched out of me MANY times in the "safe" ED. No problems and yep, that "magical thinking" from admin always means the customers is RIGHT! Right.

    I'm sure the Tazer thing was meant to be funny, but it would be a BAD idea. Could you imagine the annual training requirements? Joint Commission issues and finally just who gets one?
    No, the BAD idea really comes from having to observe the "attackers (now victims)" as mandated by the "use policy". I vote for JAIL!!!!!! PRONTO!!!!!!

    I don't have any clear answers. Even an armed LEO had his weapon taken from him at a Blacksburg VA hospital, shooting and killing 2. So now, even the armed professional officer can become a victim of ED violence. Also, all these hospitals that "contract" with "private" security firms better check that practice too - these folks aren't even armed and many are too OLD to run for help. Sorry, but true.

    I strip (provide hospital policy clothing) and "search" all psych patients, their belongings are inventoried and locked up with 2 witnesses. It is actually the "others" that make me nervous. Even families make me cautious.


    What do you do??
  10. by   banditrn
    NREMT - yeah, the tazer was meant in jest - kinda! With psych patients you have protocols, etc. to at least try to keep you safe - but in other areas of the hospital, I used to wish that we could have our own little gun and holster - color coordinated with our scrubs, of course, to whip out at appropriate times. Not necessarily with the patients, but the visitors, definately!
  11. by   LEVODEVO
    I'm 6'2 and 300lbs..been to the rescue more than once of my fellow RN's,wresteled with a more than a few the time security came they were being used as a will go all out to protect this trash,it wasn't until our manager had to help with this naked guy strapped to a cardiac chair and pulling 4 nurses and a 2 docs down the hallway did we get better support...he was a postal worker...really..never checked to see if he was from Alaska originally,cuz boy could he pull a sled..
  12. by   PeachPie
    How often do they hand out insanity pleas to people who attack hospital workers?