Bad Economy Leaves Cancer Patients Without Health Insurance In Dire Straits

  1. The Recession's Impact: Closing The Clinic
    60 Minutes: Bad Economy Leaves Cancer Patients Without Health Insurance In Dire Straits

    Source: CBS news

    In the economic crisis, public hospitals are needed now more than ever. If you're down on your luck without insurance, the county hospital can be your last resort.

    Recently thousands of letters went out across Las Vegas telling cancer patients that the only public hospital in the state was closing its outpatient clinic for chemotherapy.

    It's the next thing in the recession - communities cutting back on services like schools or cops or public hospitals because tax revenues have fallen with the economy.....

    Patients who got the letter, like Helen Sharp, were sent a list of private chemotherapy centers, which leaves them in essence begging for care.

    "One drug is almost $50,000. Who can afford that? There's nobody that can afford that unless you're a billionaire," she told Pelley.

    Some of the patients 60 Minutes met are gravely ill. But all future patients are affected, including those with early, highly treatable cancers who would benefit the most.

    "Well, I'm sad. Because I know that there is room to serve patients and yet, financially, we can't afford to," UMC's CEO Kathy Silver told Pelley, as she showed him her closed chemotherapy unit, which had treated 40 patients a day for 20 years.

    "You have the save lives. You have people outside the hospital who need to have their lives saved. And you just can't put two and two together?" Pelley asked.

    "The financial situation that we find ourselves in caused us to make some decisions that I think all of us, to a person would rather not have made," Silver said.
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  3. by   Agrippa
    Just another example of the tragic situation of healthcare in our country.
  4. by   cycler
    This concerns me. You mentioned the economy. So, is there an "Economic Doc" in the house? Would he/she be able to tell us what caused this "Economic Slowdown" Disease, with its' many and varied symptoms? ...And what's going to be the cure? I ask because I see a direct link between that and the health of our healthcare system. I ask because I, like many of you, am studying to become a nurse because life is precious to me. My opinion is that socialized medicine would cause a need for rationing that would make decisions like the one mentioned here, commonplace rather that the exception. So, with that in mind, again, I ask...what's causing the economic sickness ? I have to understand that before I can support a cure. Thanks for your thoughts.