Australia: Melbourne nursing home staff sent home

  1. Friday October 19, 10:33 PM
    Melbourne nursing home staff sent home
    Staff at a nursing home in Melbourne's north were sent home after it closed at midday.
    The Regis Group's Preston and District Nursing Home was earmarked for closure on December 14, with staff negotiating deployment with its management.
    The staff were offered five weeks notice with no redundancy provisions.
    They were not told whether their entitlements would be paid out, the Health Services Union's (HSU) Victorian branch revealed.
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  3. by   nyapa
    This is becoming more and more frequent. Remember the incident years ago with the factory owned by John Howard's relative? Now it's happened in nursing. And where are all the elderly going? Instead of retiring everyone else, maybe 'Mr' Howard should retire both himself and his WorkChoices. And no, I'm not pro: Labor.