As elderly population increases, so does need for direct care workers

  1. a 138 percent increase in the elderly population in new hampshire alone is projected by 2030 without a near similar increase in the number of direct care workers available to assist them.

    the u.s. has 78 million aging baby boomers who will increasingly need direct care workers to assist them with personal care, but experts say a widening health care gap promises little medical help. one expert says stabilizing health care insurance and benefits is crucial to retain direct care workers

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  3. by   poodleH
    In Queensland (a state of Australia) it is wonderful to see over the last couple of years more and more aged people on their motorised scooters out and about enjoying their life instead of being housebound and feeling shuned from the public.

    It's nice at the moment, we are in spring. Some days are a bit too hot but. Thanks for your above post, was informative.
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    The government will eventually carry out a plan to remedy this situation, even though it won't be pretty.
  5. by   Alois Wolf
    Ironically, where I work they are planning on moving out 100 clients to group homes by the end of the year and downsizing our DC staff as a result...