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  1. by   GiGiOm
    I am not saying single payer is the Holy Grail or that I want either. I am saying health care NEEDS to be affordable and everyone should have decent access to health insurance. Anyone with a chronic condition needs health coverage. But the insurance industry is not ethical in how they deal with people. They jack the deductible up as soon as you need a surgery (that was the case with me). I just think there needs to be some sense of fair play in the insurance business. There simply isn't any right now.
  2. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    all hospitals in America DO accept medicaid and medicare. And we are not suppose to be eating at resturants, we as Americans are suppose to be cooking healthy foods inside of our own homes for HEALTHY reasons.

    Who needs gas all the time? There is public transpotation. Several doctors and attorneys ride the bus to their offices and clinics everyday.

    People, today, of the slowing economy have the attitude of THANKFULNESS, not HOGGISH and SHELFISH or "YOU GIVE TI TO ME" we are Americans and we are humble. Join in you will feel better about yourself.
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Quote from doesanyoneknowwhy
    I know that in Canada, if you are not showing some sort of responsibiiy that you are eating and exersing according to their food pyramid, your insurance is higher, and you are not allowed the free medical care if you show no progression to losing weight.

    This is not even close to correct. Health care taxes are based on what you make.Medical care is not witheld on any basis.
  4. by   elkpark
    Quote from drew9319
    ... and most all low income persons can apply for medicaid.
    Apply for it, maybe, but not get it ... You've mentioned Medicaid as an option a couple times now as if the people who aren't on it just can't be bothered to fill out the application; I don't know where you live, but in my state, just being poor and needing healthcare coverage isn't enough to get you on Medicaid. Unless you are 1) pregnant, 2) under 18, 3) elderly needing nursing home care, or 4) have one of a small number of chronic illnesses (kidney failure, diabetes, a few others), it is IMPOSSIBLE to qualify for Medicaid coverage, regardless of how poor you are. IMPOSSIBLE. No ifs, and, or buts. There is a common misconception that Medicaid is "health insurance for poor people" (meaning that it's actually available to anyone who needs it) and that's how it started out many years ago, but, at this point, the state budgets are all so strapped that they are severely limiting who they'll accept into the program.

    I encourage you to look into how the Medicaid program in your state is actually being implemented -- I'll bet you would be v. surprised.
  5. by   Tessaprn
    Why do you find it necessary to bring politics into the equation? You define me as conservative became I do not believe everything that I read or hear in the news arena. For the record I do read the Huffinton Post and Fox News. I do not believe either always post the complete unbias news.

    Where I work they see many patients who do not have healthcare. The hospital is tax exempt for the indigent care they provide. They allot x amount of money yearly for this purpose and when that money have been used they eat the cost. Of course the fact that the employees healthcare cost increase yearly show where some of the funding is coming from.

    How about this country stop giving million and billions of money to other country's for medical care and use that money to insure it's own population. They are children in this country who do not eat daily but yet again we send money to other country's to feed their people. I do not have a problem having some taxes increased for medical and food to be given to the people of this country. Once this country has taken care of it's own then we can go forward and help others.

    Back to the insurance issue. If this health reform that Obama is attempting to pass was workable then Clinton and Bush would have implemented it over the pass 16 years. It will not work, it will eventually be so much in the red that the government will start taking money from other programs and just as physicians do not want to accept Medicare patients and some will not accept Medicare because of the way it pays, you will not be able to find a doctor.

    I do not care what anyone's political point of views are. I took responsiblity for myself and my family. Government does not give me anything. This country has way too many who expect that the government will handle all of their problems.

    You believe that Canada's system of healthcare works because of prevention. It does not work. We have prevention programs here and they do not work. Find someone who had to wait for treatment for some severe illness and ask them how well the health system in Canada works.
  6. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    my state those who financially qualify get medicaid, period!!
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  7. by   ANnot4me
    I just have to say that the American people, the American government and the American businessmen have proven themselves to have very poor judgement, questionable ethics and morals and some have still not learned their lesson. Perhaps it would be a good idea for those who speak of how things are in "other" countries to get a passport and go have a look. Of course a corpocracy like America is going to have lots of stories about how evil it is to take profits out of healthcare.

    Furthermore, it is really shortsighted and ignorant -- and quite frankly, inhumane -- to think that if people aren't insured that it is their own fault. We all pay for it in the long run and I am sure the cost is double. In any one day that person could be me or you;: especially now. I just want to know what anyone think America gains by this elitist mentality? It is certainly not very Christian.
  8. by   loriangel14
    Those with severe illness in Canada are certainly treated without wait.Don't speak about things you know nothing of.
  9. by   Junebugfairy
    in my state, nc, you can only get medicaid if

    -you are under 21 and make less than 900$ a month, or you live in a low income family. single people, unless disabled or pregnant, or have a major health condition, cannot get medicaid.
    -you are in foster care
    -you are disabled
    -you are elderly and poor, and need nursing home care.
  10. by   Junebugfairy
    i just want to know what anyone think america gains by this elitist mentality? it is certainly not very christian.

    america really should not be considered a christian nation.. we are a melting pot of many different religions, and lack thereof.

    i am an atheist, yet i have compassion.

    i would love to see affordable coverage for those who cannot afford coverage, i just happen to not see a 'single payer' system as being a positive thing.
  11. by   opus13
    [quote=blue note;3634319]Yeah, I have read that conservative interpretation of those stats before, and sorry, even with that, that means "only" 35 million Americans don't have health insurance, still unacceptable to me.

    Unfortuately those stats are so very misleading, they consider those on medicaid to be uninsured. Medicaid by its very definition is medical aid (i.e. insurance) for the poor. The vast majority of people in this country who truely don't have insurance are middle to upper middle class and the self employed. The fact that they don't have insurance isn't because it's not available but they say it's too expensive. My neighbor is a perfect example a 5 series bmw and a Land Cruiser but health insurance is too much money, its all about priorities. My mother on the otherhand 61y/o thyroid ca., WPW, seizures and strong family hx of DM, and ovarian ca., she pays for her own insurance 475mo she affords this by sacrificing other things like buying a reasonably priced car.

    As for wher the U.S. ranks for healthcare we do have the best healthcare in the world but unlike most of the reast of the world we have a generally unhealthy life style, we don't take care of ourselves and most put off going to the doctor for physicals or until we are quite sick, this has turned healthcare for most americans into sick care with almost no prevention being done by the population.
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  12. by   mcleanl it your opinion that the US healthcare is the best in the world? I really need to see something to back this claim up.
  13. by   Junebugfairy
    my neighbor is a perfect example a 5 series bmw and a land cruiser but health insurance is too much money, its all about priorities.

    a girl in my class was talking about her 'inability' to afford health insurance. i asked her if she looked at every option, including student insurance from the college..

    her exact words... "my car payment is 402.95 a month, and my car insurance is 180$ a month thanks to a few tickets, i really cannot afford anything."

    now, she can afford health coverage, she just chooses to spend money elsewhere.

    i do believe that some of the uninsured can afford it, they simply choose to spend money on other things.