Article: Defending yourself against a BON complaint

  1. Article: Defending yourself against a BON complaint

    All state boards of nursing (BONs) are charged with protecting the public from unsafe nurses at all levels (LPN to NP). In other words, your state licensing board is there to protect the patients, not to be an advocate for you. As part of this process, the nursing board regulates the practice of nursing in the state. This includes determining standards of practice and disciplining nurses for deviations from these standards. Read this informative article written by: Mary A. Nester, RN, JD

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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Thanks Brian for posting this article. How scary!!! I hope I am never in this kind of situation. I will definately hire an attorney if this should happen to me. I had no idea that this is what the BON is really all about.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Those who have been there know its true. Thanks for posting Brian. One does NOT want to deal with the BON without an attorney, and preferably a nurse attorney who knows the law AND nursing.