Artcile: A haven of world-class nurses

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    today is a critical period for health care. with the emergence of new diseases such as hiv/aids, bird flu, new forms of cancer and the continuing treatment of long-existing conditions such as cancer, malaria, polio, the need for health-care providers is key to keeping the world a healthy place in which to live.

    however, it is common knowledge that the shortage of health-care workers around the world is exacting heavy tolls on patient care. the shortage of nurses for instance is causing very high dissatisfaction and mortality among patients.

    a report in november 2004 by the international council of nurses (icn) estimates more than 12 million nurses worldwide. the report, titled "the global shortage of registered nurses: an overview of issues and actions," adds that in the united states, there are 773 nurses for 100,000 persons. that's about one nurse for every 130 persons.

    the us nursing shortage is expected to worsen -- the world's most powerful economy will need 800,000 nurses by the year 2020.
    the lack of nurses is likely to lead to unsatisfactory health care, the icn report showed, leading to higher mortality, accident and cross infection rates, and more failed surgeries.

    full story: a haven of world-class nurses [abs cbn news,philippines]
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