Army nurse recalls horrors of World War II, thrill of victory

  1. "we knew it would alter our lives."

    when news of pearl harbor arrived, jean moberg was a 19-year-old junior in nurses' training at immanuel hospital in omaha, neb. nearly 63 years later, as she recalls the war years, she remains stylish, engaging and pretty.

    after graduating, jean went to work as a surgical and obstetrical nurse at the hospital in clarinda, iowa, the town where she was born and had spent the summers of her childhood with aunts and uncles while her parents worked in omaha.

    several of her nursing school classmates had joined the service immediately after graduation, and they wrote to her of the exciting adventures and travel that they were experiencing. by april 1945, jean was persuaded, and she enlisted in the army nurse corp.

    on july 2, 1945, the 23-year-old nurse reported to camp carson, near colorado springs, colo., for basic training, then was assigned to fort robinson, neb., where horses and dogs were trained.

    "to tell you the truth, i don't know what they planned to do with the horses," she said. a german prison camp was nearby, but the prisoners were treated by a german doctor, also a prisoner.

    jean laughs as she recalls v-j day, aug. 15, 1945. "that night we couldn't go off the base. however, the officer that i was dating lived off the base, and he could take me, and we went to get in on some of the celebration."

    full story: army nurse recalls horrors of world war ii, thrill of victory [lompoc record,ca]
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