ARK: Nursing Wages Rise, Shortage Continues (The Morning News)

  1. "We're hiring. Come on in," said Steve Percival. Percival, director of human resources at Washington Regional Medical System, and his counterparts at other hospitals have a tough job trying to keep their hospitals fully staffed with nurses.

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  3. by   dheanna06
    there's hope
  4. by   rentalnurse
    did anyone read the article, what a joke, pay hasnt kept up with the price of living, NW AR is one of the fastest growing areas in the US, housing has gone from $90-100, 000 for a house 8 yrs ago to over $200,000, taxes and everything else has increased and just look at gas prices. there goes the budget. I wonder how much the administrator CEO makes... I almost did a contract at that hosp 7 yrs ago when it was at the old hosp and they wouldnt sign it because they didnt want to pay the agency rate, they would rather work their nurses short.. that is why i went agency long ago, was only making 15 an hr at NW hosp and 16 at st marys and could make 21 plus for agency at the time. we wonder why there is a shortage. Also does anyone really know the stress that a nurse goes through in a single day we hold a persons life in our hands daily and most times dont get the respect we deserve from non nurses and nurses alike.. think of the families of the patients too, we not only have 6-7 plus patients but families and friends of each of them to encounter with. I have worked everything from longterm care to ER and have seen it all. Well enough of my soapbox. and someone please go slap the man back into reality..