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  1. by   Snuffy
    SANE stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. As a SANE I complete medical forensic examintaions on pts who have been sexually assaulted or involved in a domestic violence situation. I also testify in court at trial as an expert witness on the topic of sexual assault.
  2. by   donnahmarie357
    wow that sounds very intersestin and challenging I find the mental health sector very challenging. I am starting on the new grad programme here in Dunedin NZ in 2008 6months on a general medical ward and 6months on general surgical So am looking forward to alll the learnign that will be coming my way !!!!!
  3. by   lavender rose
    such a scary thing medication can be. But such drugs we are not use to giving and for procedures should always be verified by more than one person I believe.