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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Two nurses at an Arlington hospital were injured Wednesday when an angered patient allegedly used her vehicle to run down the nurses, sources at Medical Center of Arlington told... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    Several years ago, a homeless man was dc'd, (asked to leave) the ER at York Hospital in York PA and he came back and beat up a nurse reporting to work. She also had to retire early because of her injuries. I believe she was in her 60's. What an awful fate for a woman who had spent 40+ years caring for others. I don't remember what happened to the perpetrator.
  2. by   Judee Smudee
    I was going to say that the person driving the car will most likely be out walking the streets before the nurses get out of the hospital.[QUOTE=Patma][QUOTE=sjt9721]
    Quote from mattsmom81
    The article contradicts itself. First it says an angry patient runs down 2 nurses. Then later it states investigators aren't sure the nurses were targetted. HUH??

    I brought up "drug seeking" because a male patient w/ back pain went to see the Doctor at a clinic here in town as he had many many times. The Doc refused to give him anymore vicodin as he had given him a script just the week before that was suppose to last for a month.

    The patient became so enraged that he attacked the Doc by beating him about the head and body. The Doctor was taken to the ED via ambulance and was forced to retire due to the head injuries that included memory loss.

    How sad, he is only 42 yrs. old! The patient....he was charged with "attempted murder", but got the charge reduced due to his drug dependence and psych problems. Today, he's in a cushy phych hospital and the poor Doctor is at home, I suppose, staring at TV!?!? What a waste of years of education and helping people. So sad. crying2:
  3. by   ERNURSE4MS
    That is so sad and frightening. I work in ER and the way society is now a days, it won't be long before this is just common place. The people who come to the ER drug seeking now are completely convinced that they should get exactly what they want for pain when thay want it, and most ER docs give it(Where I work anyway). But even people coming for everyday sniffles and more hostile and expect everything and right away. I have been cussed out and threatened by family members who think just because sister sue has a runny nose she is a medical emergency and should be seen NOW. I really expect things to get worse because the media perpetuates the idea that a person has a right to demand immediate health care without any need to pay or wait. I just hope that those nurses are okay and dont let this keep them from continuing to work in a rewarding( if somewhat unsafe) field.