Analysts say Medicare could go broke by 2019

  1. analysts say medicare could go broke by 2019

    medicare will go broke by 2019 without changes in a program that is swelling in cost because of a new prescription drug benefit, trustees were to report.

    ap/, march 23, 2004
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  3. by   TinyNurse
    ya know i saw that the other day, and didn't even know what to think....... i know what i want to think,but wont say
    xo Jen
  4. by   Owney
    I Just read the story. I get so tired of "bad news", when that seems the only kind that's out there. It is refreshing to read a bad news story that gives me some hope. I'm gonna book on the first trip to the Mars Colony. I wonder how long the line will be on the first Wednesday in November?